The Fox Theatre Institute’s Expanded Preservation Grants Program

Fox Theatre, Inc. announces a bold expansion of its Fox Theatre Institute’s Grants Program and Historic Preservation Services beginning in 2017.  The expansion is part of the overall organization’s strategic plan to increase impact and outreach across Georgia and beyond.  Fox Theatre, Inc. has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary as a 501c3 organization whose mission is to preserve and share the Fox Theatre.  The theatre is perhaps Atlanta’s and Georgia’s most iconic historic landmark, treasured venue, and catalyst for major social, cultural and economic impact.  Sharing the resources of the theatre and overall organization happens in a range of ways:  through presentation of world-class performance, magical theater experiences, community use of the historic facility, and through extensive outreach in communities across Georgia and beyond.


The Fox Theatre Institute

To lead and manage this unique outreach, the organization established the Fox Theatre Institute in 2008 – primarily in response to a statewide need for assistance with the restoration and operations of Georgia’s historic theatres.  In its early years, the Institute has provided a range of assistance through grants, restoration and operations expertise, training and professional development.  The outcomes are that communities are enabled to leverage scarce resources and stimulate local economies.  The Institute also manages Georgia Presenters, an innovative statewide talent booking consortium that provides presenters, theatres, and communities the opportunity to work together to increase cultural opportunities in their respective communities and statewide at an affordable cost.  More recently, the Institute has overseen Fox in a Box, an interpretive curriculum-based resource for schools K-5.

The Expanded Grants Program

Over the next year, Fox Theatre Institute will be expanding its professional preservation services and grant support in four categories of need:

  1. Support for structures with urgent or emergency needs, for conditions or occurrences that threaten architectural integrity, stability or a potential community opportunity.
  2. Support for historic structures studies, research, or planning.
  3. Support for technical services related to preservation, operations, sustainability, community development, advocacy, etc.
  4. Implementation support for full or phased restoration projects that will leverage matching gifts and grants.

Guiding Criteria for All Applicants and Applications 

Applicants should be able to speak to the following:

  • The historic significance of the property to be assisted and evidence of community support.
  • The need for funding and the urgency of the project or the long-term objectives or impact of the project.
  • Increased cultural and/or economic impact for the community.
  • Involvement of collaborations and partnerships that leverage additional public and private investment.
  • The adequacy of plans to meet the current needs and for the future care and maintenance of the theater or the continuation for the activity for which grant support is requested.

If grant support is awarded, the following conditions will apply:

  • Awardees are required to sign a contract agreeing to the conditions of the grant.
    • If matching funds are required:
    • Applicants must be capable of matching the grant amount dollar-for-dollar or more if there is potential to do so. Grant funds will be disbursed upon proof that matching funds have been secured or pledged formally.
    • Matching gifts may come from private or public sources, or from earned income (special events, fundraising activities, etc.)
    • Donated materials and services and organizational overhead costs can be eligible sources as matching funds if they directly underwrite the project budget and are the result of the Institute’s challenge grant
    • Grant projects must begin within six months of award date – otherwise, the grant award is subject to review.
    • Periodic reports are required and specific to each form of grant support. These requirements will be detailed in the grant contract upon award notification.
    • Within one year from the grant disbursement date, a final report of the project and financial accounting of the expenditure of the grant must be submitted.  If the project is not completed in accordance with the contract, the parties will need to negotiate continuing or returning grant funds.

Please note:

  • Organizations may submit applications for more than one Urgent or Emergency Needs grant per cycle.
  • Organizations may apply for support only once per grant cycle in the following categories:
    • Historic Structures Studies or Planning
    • Periodic Technical Assistance and Services
    • Preservation Grant
    • (Organizations may apply for Urgent or Emergency Needs grant support in addition to one of the categories listed above.)
  • The Fox Theatre Institute Preservation grant program’s goal is to award funding for historic theatres in the state of Georgia.  Grants will be awarded to projects designed to provide significant economic and cultural impact to the communities they serve. Grant award winners will also receive operations expertise and guidance through seminars, and strategic planning fostering professional development.  Out-of-state applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must demonstrate a substantial impact on the development of the community.

For more information, questions, or other assistance, please contact:  Leigh Burns, Director Fox Theatre Institute (leigh.burns@foxtheatre.org or 404.872.2972) or Maggie Fuller, FTI Community Engagement Manager (Maggie.Fuller@foxtheatre.org or 404.881.2023)